@Machinery, Parts and Tools

@There are strong demands in the middle east for machinery and their related parts and tools. Our engineers in this group have worked on construction, mining and heavy machineries, together with general, special and precision tools for repairing and reconditioning.

@Motor Vehicles
@According to plan the vehicles export group in the past year has grown and so far sold over 4750 passenger cars to Iran and United Arab Emirates, also hundreds of buses, trucks and motor cycles have been exported from Japan. This young and active group has planed to increase the number of vehicles exported for next year.
@Communication Equipments
@This group has been working on communication products such as hand held, mobile, satellite systems, transceivers, receiver, repeater, transmitter for both marine and land, marine fish finding and navigation plus land direction findings are part of this group activities.
@Computer & Peripherals
@Since now we are living in the age of exciting technological advances, automation has removed many of lifefs burdens. And now computers are taking over some of our mental work and doing it faster. In the middle east the use of computer has rapidly increased and our engineers besides exportation, are consulting clients and how to choose a reliable and efficient computer for their purposes. By means of computer printer, plotter, scanner, network, and software. This is part of this group mission.
@Electronics & Electrical
@Well educated engineers in this group are highly efficient and qualified to consulting and choosing the best in this area, electronic components, measuring and testing equipments for medical and laboratory use. Cables, motor generators and electric pumps have become their specialties after exporting the above goods.

@General Merchandise

@The group expanded traditional automation office machinery equipments such as copier, fax machine, telex, key telephone systems, air conditioning and supported by continued strong inquires from overseas clients. Demand for Japanese household and consumer products encouraged this group to export the most gName brandh merchandise and in some cases they have become the exclusive agent for specific areas.