During the reconstruction of developing countries especially in the middle east, their needs have grown to require trading companies which give good services to adequately supply their needs. Also the needs of the well developed countries such as Japan have a reliable trading company in order to have better communication and understanding of both cultures and handling their exports-imports in the best of manners. Akebono also helps clients by guiding them through the maze of regulations and business practices that often make success in the foreign markets difficult. Therefore some expert businessmen in Iran decided to come to Japan and establish this trading company.

 Akebobo Boeki Co. founded in February 1998 as a general trading company, principal operating sectors started with exporting communication equipment, machinery, motor vehicles, textile, raw material to Iran from Asia countries and importing carpet, caviar and pistachios primarily to Japan. Our next venture will be to start to expand our business to the Persian Gulf region.

 Now Akebono is looking ahead to position itself for an optimum performance in the new global economy that is gradually taking shape. Akebono is expanding its overseas operation and pursuing to go further to the North America and European countries. In addition, traditional trading activities are being transformed into sophisticated high-value added trade, commercial development and with our well trained engineers there is a big hope for our future.